Welcome to NSA

Please allow us to introduce ourselves, our industry, and some basic facts about our relationships with our clients and our Field Service Representatives...

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a business partner with NSA.  This letter will help you understand a little bit about our business and then determine if a business partnership with NSA is right for you.  Let me start by telling you a little bit about us.  NSA is a field service organization. That means when a company needs to have someone “on the ground” to perform any of a variety of tasks, from minor maintenance to major installations, several of America’s most successful companies (in very different industries) turn to NSA. Most of our clients retain our services for specific projects, which can last from days to years, so we are constantly doing new and exciting things.

NSA is an economical and effective choice for ongoing, recurring or project-based tasks.  We work with financial service companies, retailers, manufacturers, sign companies, POP and fixture companies, etc., to simultaneously implement initiatives in multiple locations across the country. Our national field service network means we can cover all the different classes of retail trade, from burrito carts to banks and grocery stores to gyms.  And the list of services we can do for our clients is practically limitless because of our broad base of Field Service Representatives or FSRs.  Our FSRs have acquired a huge variety of skill sets, which enable NSA to complete most any project quickly and professionally.  I think it’s fair to say that our greatest resource is our relationship with our FSRs.

We are constantly looking for new people to help us because we are growing at a tremendous rate.  If, after reading the FSR Handbook, you are interested in a business partnership with NSA, please proceed to sign up.  Once we've assessed your skills and abilities we may be able to match you to one of our many projects.


-Dean and Carolyn Smith

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